Unique Ideas to Use Patches

Custom embroidered patches are generally incorporated by security providers, law enforcements, clubs, troops and many more related organizations into their uniforms. The use of patch is also popular in sports uniforms, like jerseys, to represent the team and easily create and distinguish the team identity of players.

But did you know that these are not the only ways you can use a custom patch for? In fact, there are plenty of other ways you can use these items. The examples listed below are just some ideas for you to consider if you want to be more creative with your ordered custom patch.

Custom Tumbler with Embroidered Patch

Uniforms play a vital role in any sports team which makes it essential to have custom ones designed to effectively distinguish a team from others. A custom patch is one effective way of achieving that. But one soccer coach has made an example that soccer jerseys are not the only items a custom patch can be used for. You can use embroidered patch to customize your tumbler as well.

This unique idea is not only useful in the field of sports. It can also serve as a great strategy for companies looking for new ways to promote their business. Patches4less.com is your one stop solution to get more ideas about different applications of patches.

Something to Make Your Team More Excited and Motivated

Patches are initially used to identify ranks and show the achievements made and received by an individual. Applying this same use, you can also give away a patch to make the next sports season more exciting for your team players. This will surely make them more motivated knowing that they will receive something in the end to recognize their participation. Most importantly, it will serve as a reminder of what they achieved and even motivate them to exceed their performance for the next year.

Create a Statement Jacket Using a Custom Patch

PatchesA custom patch is commonly attached to a uniform. But it does not mean that you have to limit your creativity to just that. This memento also offers a great and cool way to make a statement jacket. So if you love wearing jacket to complete your attire, this unique idea is for you. Just remember the rule “more is more” because that’s what a statement patched jacket is all about.

Now, it does not matter anymore if you did not inherit your father’s custom patch-covered army jacket. You can simply make one of your own with the selection of patches you prefer.

Decorate Your Cubicle

Do you always practice being unique wherever you go? If you do, then now is the time to apply that uniqueness of yours in the office by decorating your cubicle using your patch collection. So get your collection and start picking those items you wish to decorate in your cubicle. Having a hard time selecting which to choose? You can either select your most favorite ones or simply settle with a theme to make the patch selection easier for you.

Personalize Your Baby’s Clothes

Want to make your baby to look as cool as you? You can do that without spending so much in just a single set of clothing for your little one. All you will need here are iron-on patches, and you can start making lots of custom clothes for baby! Apart from the easy creation process, it is also quick and simple. In just a short period you can make a plain-looking baby T-shirt into something that can wow even you. Just make sure to follow the ironing directions properly and place the patch in the right spot. The process cannot be repeated to correct the placement once the patch is ironed in place.

Quilt or Blanket, It’s Up To You

Custom patch also offers a great way to make a quilt or blanket. This is a good option if you already have a huge collection of it and you want to put them into good use instead of just storing them somewhere. Or, you can also use this opportunity to strengthen your bond with your kids. Gather your patch collection and sewing tools and start creating memories with your kids as you sew the badges together. You can also design your pillows with your preferred patch to complement with the blanket if you want.

Patches played a significant role in recognizing the achievements and ranks achieved by people in a range of fields. But the list above proved that, with creativity, you can find more uses for these items than just its traditional purpose.