How Soldiers Earn Custom Military Coins

Military members often go the extra mile beyond their duties. They intend to deliver their best in any situation that calls for their service. This attribute of soldiers is an essential factor in their ability to provide excellent service to their unit and the entire nation. In return, the military as well as the government have to recognize all the efforts and hard work given by these soldiers. One of the best ways for appreciating and acknowledging the exceptional acts of military members is by awarding custom military coins to them. This type of coins is also commonly known as unit coins, commander coins and challenge coins. Regardless of the term used to refer to these coins, they hold a great deal of essence to soldiers. They symbolize respect, unity, camaraderie and honor.

custom military coinsThe officer of a unit or division is the one who usually awards military challenge coins to deserving members of the military. Perhaps the commanding officer is the one responsible for giving recognition to soldiers who show exceptional acts of service. Soldiers who are committed to providing genuine service to their fellow citizens deserve to be awarded with these valuable military challenge coins. They fight for the country’s freedom and safety despite knowing that they might lose their lives in the process. In this essence, the government has to find something of high significance to give back these courageous men and women in the military.

Awarding custom military coins is an excellent means of showing the gratitude of the country and the citizens to these brave soldiers. It is a more meaningful way of saying “thank you” than verbal expression or a handshake. These military challenge coins can last a lifetime with their meaning to soldiers. They can even last longer than the life of the soldiers who earned them as they are usually given to the family of fallen comrades. Soldiers who lost their lives in battles can take their pride and honor to their grave. On the other hand, members of the military who are able to complete their service usually come back home with prized possessions. These belongings can include wedding rings, photographs, dog tags and of course, military challenge coins.

Custom military coins are especially designed for the specific application, mission or unit. They are crafted with certain colors, sizes, shapes and even materials. This is necessary in order to represent efficiently the particular application they are designed for. As they are typically awarded for a certain achievement or event, their design should be appropriate for a particular function. For example, a basic battalion military challenge coin is awarded specifically to the command sergeant who represents a certain battalion. In addition, the superior in a unit, perhaps the commanding officer has the ability to add his personal preference in terms of the design of the military coins. The commanding officer can add the name and rank of the person who awards the challenge coins. All military challenge coins have specific design as to whom or which they are awarded.

It is true that only members of the military who have high positions have great chances of acquiring custom military coins. However, soldiers who do not have high positions can also earn these challenge coins if they would persevere and show exceptional efforts. The Post Exchange is the body that awards custom military challenge coins to members of the military who deliver excellent performance during their duty. Another good way on how regular soldiers can acquire military challenge coins is from officers from another chain of command.

Though the most common instance is that the officer within a certain chain of command is the one who awards military challenge coins to his soldiers, an officer from a different chain of command can also award custom military coins to soldiers from another chain of command. This can happen if an officer is observant with the performance of not only the soldiers within his unit but also the soldiers from other units. The officer can request recognition for the deserving soldier who shows outstanding acts