Callaway Golf Knows Best

As a customer, you may be a believer of the saying that the customer is always right. You may also believe that your needs, as a customer, should be valued and respected. At Rock Bottom Golf, expect your needs to be valued and prioritized. This site is the most ideal website to visit if you love Callaway golf products and other items that you can use to play golf from other brands.

The good thing about is that they make it a point to connect to their audience by answering their most frequently asked questions. Some of the questions frequently asked by the customers are: do you have a specific product; do you have a price guarantee; what are your payment options?

Though these are just common and simple questions, Rock Bottom Golf makes sure to answer them all. If you are a Callaway golf ball fan, then expect your questions about this brand to be answered right away. To answer questions from present and prospective customers, Rock Bottom Golf has a mascot, Scratch the Caveman. Scratch correctly replies to all queries raised by customers.

Callaway golfFor those who are asking if Rock Bottom Golf offers specific products, the answer would be yes. Both the official site of the company, as well as its eBay page, showcase specific products in their inventory. This means that whatever golf product you need, you can expect the company to give it to you. The two most asked questions in the site are also about return policy and whether or not they sell used items aside from brand new ones.

In terms of return policy, Rock Bottom Golf welcomes the idea of implementing this without bias. However, customers must meet certain criteria before their request for exchange or return of goods will be granted. The return is usually granted if the purchase was made in the official website of the company, the date of purchase did not exceed the 30-day period yet, and the item is still unused. It should also be noted that there is also a fifteen percent restocking fee for returns like this.

Still, Rock Bottom Golf values the experience of their customers by giving them a chance to avoid the need to pay for fee. This is possible by separately ordering an item which is closely similar to the one previously purchased, if not the exact one. It is also crucial to make sure that the new item has a value which is not less than ninety percent of the returned one.

A return authorization (RA) number is also needed once you request for the processing of the return. If you were able to meet all the rules and criteria set in the return policy, then you can return or exchange the item without the need to pay for the restocking fee.

If you want to know if used items are available on the site, then the answer is no. All the Callaway golf and other branded golf items in the site are brand new. The good thing about most of the Callaway golf products is that they are purchased in bulk, so expect these to be offered at very low prices.

Rock Bottom Golf has earned an excellent reputation in the field of selling golf products and items. They also have a Facebook page which allows customers to freely leave comments. The company also received more than favourable ratings and feedback from customers. For more information about Rock Bottom Golf and their partners, such as Callaway Golf, consider visiting their official website. Visiting their site on a regular basis will also enable you to access items sold at very affordable prices.

With their excellent reputation, Rock Bottom Golf will surely be an entity that will stay in the golf industry for a long time. With reliable websites like this, easily accessing high quality and durable, yet inexpensive golf items is a possibility.

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